Friday, December 17

Hebrews 10:32-39
“For you need endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what is promised.”

The Christian life is not a 100 yard dash, it's a marathon. In this passage we are not shown that we've been given too much, rather we are shown that as Christians we can do this. God has given us a strategy for endurance.

First, you have to remember that through suffering you can endure and you can get through it with God's help. Not all suffering is the same. Some people’s suffering will appear harder or easier. But we all have endured pain and suffer and we all need Jesus to persevere.
Second, keep your eyes on the better— the lasting possessions— not these earthly possessions. We know those possessions are temporary and we aren't taking those possessions with us. God has told us from the start we need endurance. We will need to persevere.

Third, it's a call of life to endure. You hear it all the time— nobody said life would be easy. No one said your job would be easy. No one said marriage would be easy. No one said being a parent would be easy. No one said anything about life or politics or religion or faith would be easy. I'm pretty sure God made life this way so that we would go through trials so that our endurance will grow.

Fourth, faith is endurance and you need it. For we know what is coming and when you've done the will of God you will receive what is promised. Remember, not a dash— it's a marathon!

-Jenelle Gross

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