Tuesday, December 14

Tuesday, December 14  —  Isaiah 11:6-9

“The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, ad a little child shall lead them.”

I think many of us are tired. Exhausted, really— and what we truly want in our lives is peace. Conflicts arise, disagreements between people ensue, nature is weary, and still we push on through this life to find the promised life we are looking for.

In Isaiah 11:6-9, we find that life. Natural enemies come together to play and to eat and not to harm or kill. Like the child in this passage, the most vulnerable among us can stop being afraid.
Jesus’ advent brings us hope for a world like the one described in Isaiah, a place where enmity turns to amity. Where the order of a world without sin becomes life. But the best part? With the peace that Jesus brings to us in this season and in all times, we can envision a path forward when the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Let’s ask ourselves what we can we do right now to create these spaces of peace where fear is pushed out. To live out the peace that we hope for today in some small way.
Lion, go find your lamb, and be at rest.

-Becca Hea

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