Monday, December 13

Hebrews 13:1-6
“Let mutual love continue…”

Advent means “coming”. Yes, Christmas is coming!!  But how do we prepare for Christmas?  
I buy gifts and wrap them.  I clean the house and decorate it with festive décor. I prepare food and possibly mail out Christmas cards. These tasks seem simple, but I struggle to complete them all. I scramble to buy gifts. Cleaning the house is never really completed. Decorations go up and they are satisfactory. The food gets prepared and everyone enjoys the meal. Yep, Christmas is coming!!  …but something seems so wrong with my attitude. I want to feel joy and peace, but I feel stress and anxiety instead.
Hebrews 13:1-6 puts my preparations in better perspective.  These verses remind me that I have everyday obligations to others as well as myself. These obligations are love, hospitality, compassion, honor, being content. I am to mindfully realize that God is with me every day and I should never be afraid, because with God at my side, what can any anyone do to me?
So, I realize what I’m missing in my preparations for Christmas.  I’m missing Jesus. Therefore, all of the chores that I do before Christmas are fine as long as I do them with Christ in my heart.  Because with Christ in my heart, I have love for others. With Christ in my heart, the poor and imprisoned are earnestly prayed for. With Christ in my heart, my spouse and marriage are honored. With Christ in my heart, I am content with what I have.  With Christ in my heart, I have no fear. Trusting Christ Jesus in my heart gives me joy and peace.

Christmas is coming!!!   Let me rephrase that…. Jesus our Christ is Coming!  Let’s open our hearts to Him.


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