St. John Lutheran Church

The Purple Door Church

1100 North Main St.  Celina, OH 45822


Having a wedding here at 

St. John Lutheran Church

Congratulations on your engagement!

With the exception of your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, this is the beginning of the most important relationship you will ever have – your marriage. At The Purple Door Church, your wedding ceremony will be a sacred service of great and lasting spiritual significance and a time of joy for you, your wedding party, and guests.

The vast majority of our weddings are held in the sanctuary, but we do work with couples if they prefer another location, an outdoor venue, or a destination wedding.

As a general rule, wedding are only available to our congregational members.  We do make exceptions to this rule, for special circumstances.  If you would like to be married at St. John but are not a member, do not be afraid to ask.

Scheduling a Wedding:

The first step is to select an open date on the church calendar by contacting.  Contact Pastor Jeff Gramza at: or (419) 586-2332 to schedule the wedding.


Online Marriage Survey:

All couples getting married at St. John will be asked to take an online marriage survey called “Prepare Enrich.”  To do this, please e-mail the pastor, the first name and individual e-mail address for the bride and groom.  The bride and groom will complete the survey separately.  After completing the survey, you will get together a few times with the pastor to go over your results and help identify areas of strength and areas of potential growth in your marriage.

Meeting with the Pastor:

You will meet with the pastor a few times to custom create your wedding ceremony. This will provide time to build a relationship. Any special requests or anything “out of the ordinary” should be discussed with the pastor, musicians, and wedding coordinator well in advance of your ceremony so proper arrangements can be made.

Share your information:

Click here for a link to our wedding  information form.


You should get in touch with the organist of your choice as soon as your wedding date is set.  If the church organist/s is not available to play for your wedding, they may be able to suggest other musicians who are familiar with the instruments at St. John.


Since the wedding is a service of worship, all music should be carefully chosen to fit the place and occasion.  Secular love songs are not appropriate in the church setting and should be planned for the reception.  If you plan to have vocal soloists or singing groups or instruments in addition to or in place of the organ, please be sure they coordinate with the organist.  The church has a sound system that is capable of playing accompaniment music on a tape or CD.  You may meet with the organist to plan music.


The church provides two altar candles which are lit at all weddings.  In addition, the church has a pair of candelabras with three candles.  You may provide your own candles (please purchase drip less candles only) or use the church’s for a nominal fee.  Candelabra from a florist or wedding decorator may also be used.  Either a central bouquet of flowers on the altar or pairs of bouquets on flower stands may decorate the chancel area.  Bows or flowers may decorate pew ends, provided they are attached in a way that leaves no marks on the pews.  Tape of any kind is not permitted.  The church also has four pair of candlesticks to be used on the aisle.  If you wish to use a white aisle runner, it must be obtained from a florist.  A minimum length of 100 feet is needed. 


All arrangements for decorations are made in consultation with the church wedding coordinator, and she should be contacted if any floral, candle, or pew decorations are planned.  The wedding coordinator also assists the bridal party at the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding.

Church Conduct

Please observe these guidelines as a way of showing respect to the house of God.


Do not throw rice, confetti, or anything else that would leave a mess on the church grounds.


Do not use alcoholic beverages on the church premises.


Do not take flash photographs during the ceremony proper.  If you are using a wedding folder or bulletin, consider including this notice: 

“Please refrain from taking flash photographs during the ceremony

out of respect for the marriage rite and your fellow guests.” 

Professionals may take existing light photos from the back or from the balcony.


Anyone taking pictures or videotape of the wedding must stay in one place and not move around to cause distractions.


Consider this notice in your wedding folder or bulletin if you have one: 

“Please turn off all cell phones and pagers during the wedding ceremony.”