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Outdoor Ministry 

We are a church that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life. 

For many, outdoor ministry is a life-changing experience. In partnership with congregations, outdoor ministries strive to strengthen, support and lift up the body of Christ by encouraging spiritual growth in outdoor settings.
Outdoor ministries offer a wide variety of programs that provide growth experiences for people of all ages, many of whom become leaders in the church and their communities. Youth, in particular, can benefit through camp, which helps growth in areas such as spirituality, self-confidence, independence, making friends, exploring and learning new activities. 

Summer programs

Each summer, camps, retreats and conference centers provide experiences for people of all ages. Programs include youth camps, adult and family camps, trip and adventure camps, day camps, servant learning events and more. Through worship, study, games and activities, participants hear and see how active their faith can be by learning how to live and work together in an intentional Christian community. 

Year-round programs

Most of our camps also provide special programs throughout the entire year. Whether it is through weekend retreats, outdoor schools, conference meetings or older adult programs, outdoor ministries strive to minister to the whole person. You can also develop and host your own program, attend a sponsored event or just get away from the busyness of the world for a weekend. Outdoor ministry has a place for you. 


These are Your Camps

As a member of the ELCA, these camps belong to you.  They are available to you and your family for private getaways, family reunions, or just a day of hiking and prayer (depending on availability).


We are actively involved in the Lutheran Camps of Indiana and Ohio.  For outdoor ministries and camps in Ohio, find them at:  For outdoor ministries and camps in Indiana, find them at: