St. John Lutheran Church

The Purple Door Church

1100 North Main St.  Celina, OH 45822


Holy Communion

What is Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is a sacred meal in which Christ comes to us in and through bread and wine. “This is my body given for you… This is my blood shed for you.” We believe those words to be true. Christ is truly present in Holy Communion. When we receive the bread and wine of this meal, we receive his body and blood.

Holy Communion goes by many names, Eucharist (meaning Thanksgiving), the Lord’s Supper, the Sacrament of the Table.

Who receives Holy Communion?

All of God’s people are welcome to our Lord’s table — it’s our Lord’s table after all, and all are invited. It is not “pastor’s” table, or “St. John’s” table or a “Lutheran” table. It is our Lord ’s Table, and Jesus sends out the invitations — to everyone.

There is no minimum age for receiving this sacrament. There is no sense of understanding or mental capacity necessary to receive communion.

What about allergies or other sensitivities to bread and wine?

As we seek to welcome all, we want to be sensitive to the special needs of all who gather with us.  We offer gluten-free bread and non-alcoholic juice to those who request it.


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